Collective haul #2

Maxfactor mastertouch undereye concealer: I bought is when it was on 30% off because I haven´t heard any one talk about this and at first i really hated it. But when I used it a bit more I realized it wasn´t all that bad. I still don´t think it´s great, the price is to high for what you get but it covers dark circles pretty well and it´s creamy and pretty thick.
Maybelline color tattoo in "pink gold" £4.99 : Because i´m so fond of my "on and on bronze" one I decided to buy another color and this one was the only one that I liked. Pink gold is this gorgeous, shimmery pink color glides on like a dream. I usually just use it on it´s own but it´s also great as a base or any other eyeshadow you want to use and it doesn´t fade or crease.
Maybelline colorshow nail polish in "cool blue" £3.99 : I really like the maybelline polishes. They are really affordable, have great color options and they dry fast. So when I saw this just before summer kicked in I had to buy it and let me tell you, it hardly ever left my toe nails for the entire summer. It´s just a pretty, light blue color with no shimmer what so ever.
LÓréal triple active night cream £7: I think this is my second or third one. And this is the only night cream I have ever bought more then once so I think that says a lot. It´s very moisturizing for my dry skin and it lasts for forever. A little goes a long way, which is always good even though it´s not that expensive.
Seche vite dry top coat £9 : Ok. I caved. Even though the ingredients makes me want to cry a little bit inside. But the hype got to me and I was so tired at waiting for my nails to dry so i´m gonna use this one up and then try something else. But it´s really good, it dries (of course) fast, leaves your nails really glossy and they lasts for maybe 4-5 days. And the bottle is big so it will last forever.
Black shorts from VILA: I found these shorts and I fell head over heels, they are ust the cutest thing ever. The lace details are cute but because they are black it doesn´t look to over the top. They were perfect for summer and they are really comfortable. I think they will be very loved next year. 
LÓréal color riche nail polish in "lemon meringue" £4.99 : I have talked about how much I love these polishes before so I won´t go on about that, but I just have to mention how surprised I was when I tried it on my nails. I thought it would be very transparent but it´s so opaque. The color was adorable for summer time and makes your tan look great. But now that summer is gone i will put it in a box and save it for next spring/summer.
Don´t you worry, next collective haul will be here soon. I have a serious problem.

NOTW: #2

Before it got colder and all the reds and darks showed their pretty faces I wanted to squeeze in a little bit more white and summer. The nail polish in question is Maybelline color show in "winter baby" which is this gorgeous shiny, shimmery white shade. The only down side is that i had to paint on 4-5 coats to make it opaque enough.
But if you, like me, love the color and have patients then it´s totally worth it. Especially since it so cheap and it dries pretty fast. I wore it with a mavala top coat and it lasted for about 5 days, which is fine for me because I always want to switch it up anyhow.

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