NOTW: #1

My favorite nailpolish last week was essie´s "truth or flare". I have talked about this color in a previous favorites post but I just had to mention it again. I never thought I would like a blue polish, but this one has totally stolen my heart. This is my favorite transition color going from summer to fall but I would wear it all year round. As usual the Essie formula is amazing and i found two coats is the perfect amount. It dries pretty fast and on me it lasts for about 4 days maybe.  I also find that it goes with everything even though it´s blue, but I must admitt... I wear black most days so maybe you should try it out for yourself.
I hope this one will become permanent in their collection because it´s just gorgeous.

hey, i´m the person who used to blog here...

Hey guys,
i´m so sorry for my absence. Just as I planned to come back in full force and I had a few ideas my cord to my computer died. So I have been computer-less for a week which have been an interesting experiance. I guess I now know how it was growing up in the good old days. I have temporarily stolen/borrowed my mums computer but she doesn´t have any of my programs or my photos so until I have my computer back (pray for it´s soul please!) I won´t be able to put anything up.
Just thought that I owned you guys an explanation and a "i´m sorry". Hope you all are doing well.

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